Want to submit a guest post to BEST OF FRANCE: “le blog”?

We are very happy to welcome Guest Bloggers and eager to discover why you love or what is it you love from this beautiful country, or your views on Franco-American friendship.

Here are some guidelines you must adhere to when writing you post.

BEST OF FRANCE: “le blog” Guest Bloggers Guidelines

Quality Requirements and Formatting Preferences

  • Post should be well written, concise, exclusively in English.
  • Post should be between 1.800 and 3.500 characters – content, not counting title and bio
  • Post must be original. It can’t be a post that has been posted on your own blog or anywhere else before. It should not be re-published elsewhere in the future. Guest Blogger may republish extracts up to 75 words on his/her own site, but the article in its entirety should not appear elsewhere.
  • Post should have a title.
  • Post should contain a minimum of 2 photos and a maximum of 8, including one main picture to illustrate the post. All images should be properly attributed and credited if and when applicable.
  • Articles should be submitted in a document file (i.e. Word), with all appropriate links indicated with either full URL’s provided or attachments provided (e.g. images, original video files, etc.) as applicable
  • The final layout of the post will be in line with the general layout of BEST OF FRANCE: “le blog”

Preferred Topics and Subjects

  • Post should be relevant to BEST OF FRANCE: “le blog” which aims to highlights the best France has to offer in the following fields:
    • Fashion,
    • Beauty,
    • Gastronomy,
    • Tourism,
    • Technology,
    • French Tech,
    • Lifestyle,
    • Art and Culture
    • Franco-American friendship
  • Whenever possible, post should focus on:
    • Creativity,
    • Innovation,
    • Excellence,
    • Uniqueness,
    • Respect of tradition

Link Requirements and Policies

  • Links should be used as appropriate to the content of the post.
  • Links are encouraged to other posts/pages found in BEST OF FRANCE Website when and where appropriate.
  • No links are permitted to unrelated sites or affiliate links.

Guest Blogger Bio

  • Guest Bloggers should include a short biography of no more than 75 words. A photo is a plus. This bio will appear at the end of the post and should be provided along with the post.
  • Bio can contain a maximum of 2 links – either to the author’s website, Twitter handle, or author’s blog.
  • There will be a paragraph at the beginning of the post introducing the Guest Blogger that will also include a link to the Guest Blogger’s site.

Editorial Policy

  • BEST OF FRANCE: “le blog” reserves the right to edit the post as needed (for example to fix spelling, grammar and/or create clarity). Please don’t be offended if we suggest changes or ask you to rework part of an article to meet our requirements.
  • BEST OF FRANCE: “le blog” reserves the right to reject posts if not appropriate.
  • Posts that criticize individuals and/or organizations, and/or may be perceived to victimize or bully will not be accepted.
  • If your post is approved, BEST OF FRANCE: “le blog” will inform you of its expected publication date.

Community Building & Promotion Policy

  • Guest Bloggers are expected to promote BEST OF FRANCE: “le blog” via their regular communication channels with their regular audience, including (but not limited to) their blog, website, e-news and/or social media channels.
  • We expect Guest Blogger to respond to the comments on a post they write.