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BEST OF FRANCE team is proud to post the first of many articles about its favorite subject: France.

BEST OF FRANCE is the largest event promoting the image of France ever organized abroad. We have so much to say about this beautiful country, the people living there and the amazing goods they create and produce that we felt it would be too selfish not to share it with you.

BEST OF FRANCE: “le blog” will take you on a journey to France. Close your eyes and imagine yourself…

… being seduced by the pink-colored city of Toulouse,

… following the footsteps of the Impressionists in Normandy

… drinking a glass of wine while enjoying a view on the roofs of Paris,

… shopping in the world-famous Galeries Lafayette

… getting lost in the “traboules” of the Old Lyon,

… wandering around the sunny Calanques of Marseille,

… walking along the exotic beaches of Guadeloupe, Martinique or Saint Martin,

… or hitting the ski slopes of Chamonix.

With BEST OF FRANCE: “le blog”, you will discover the gorgeous regions and stunning landscapes of France as if you were there!

BEST OF FRANCE: “le blog” will also invite you to discover the best France has to offer in a variety of fields: Tourism of course, but also Fashion, Beauty, Gastronomy, Technology, French Tech, Lifestyle, Art and Culture. France values the upholding of the traditional techniques of its regions while fostering innovation, thus making the “Made in France label” so dynamic! We will highlight the French talents and their savoir-faire and offer you exclusive behind the scene content.

In a word, BEST OF FRANCE: “le blog” will beckon you to a world of elegance, creativity, innovation, delights and pleasure: France.

BEST OF FRANCE also celebrates the Franco-American friendship. The two countries have an intimate relationship built throughout History. Lafayette helped the Americans gain their independence and the United States gave the French people its liberty back. France and the United States share the same values of Freedom and Democracy that were symbolized in 1886 in the Statue of Liberty. At BEST OF FRANCE, we believe in the strength of this long lasting relationship and this is why we are proud to have The French Will Never Forget as one of our partners.

If you are reading this blog, it’s more than probable than we share a common passion for France. We encourage you to participate and tell us what YOUR best of France is.

We welcome other France enthusiasts as guest bloggers on BEST OF FRANCE: “le blog”. If you are willing to share with us the little corner of French paradise you discovered during your trips to the country, an illustration of the Franco-American friendship, or write about your favorite French brands or products, email us to Blog@BestofFrance.org. Please review the Guest Blogger Guidelines before sending us a proposition.

Last but not least, make the most of your BEST OF FRANCE experience by:

A bientôt!

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